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Free Photo Booth templates for Christmas Red

Free Photo Booth templates for Christmas Red

Free Red Christmas Photo Booth Template is the article of this day, nice Red Christmas template made by me using PhotoShop.In order to use this free template, you need to have installed on your computer Photoshop, or you can use the online version of Photoshop, named Photopea , a nice and simple Photoshop alternative.
Free Photo Booth templates for Christmas Red

Download The free template

In order to use this Free template, you need to download first.We use Mediafire to store and share our files, because is more simple to use and manage the files.
All files provided from us, are virus-free, so you dont have to worry about that.

Edit the template from PSD

After you downloaded the file, you must use an archiver to unzip all the files from archive, and after that, you must open the PSD file in Photoshop, or Phoptopea.
In the main PSD file, look for text layer and edit with care, to keep the Gold text styles.
Delete or hide the layer with those people in posses.
This free Photo Booth template for Christmas comes with 2 stlyles, you can chose from 2 backgrounds.
To enable the second background, search in layers panel for a layer named BG2, and enable-it, using the eye from left, wich is disabled.

Free Photo Booth templates for Christmas Red

I have not used any special fonts in this template, if ou want you can download additional Christmas font to have a better look.
After the edit of main PSD is finished, export the file as PNG file, and after that, import the PNG file in DsrlBooth template editor, and add 3 poses to project-and drag the each pose BELOW the main imported PNG file.

Download The template


Download Free Photo Booth Templates