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Free photobooth template Wedding-premium

 A new premium photobooth template is posted today for you, dear followers of the blog, I hope it is exactly what you want.

Free photobooth template Wedding-premium

 It is as you see a template for Weddings, it is possible to use it for other events depending on the ideas you have, the example can be used for the adulthood of a teenager.

If you want more photobooth templates, I suggest you visit our category with free dsrlbooth templates, because I am firmly convinced that you will like most of them.

The price of a template for dsrlbooth varies from $ 15 to $ 35, on most online stores that sell these templates, but you don't have to pay anything on my blog, because it is the only blog in Romania that offers free Photobooth Templates.

Free photobooth template Wedding-premium

Importing the template into Dsrlbooth:

Open DsrlBooth, go to the "Template" section and press the IMPORT button, then select the ZIP file that you saved from this article and import it into the program (the files are not extracted from the ZIP, the program will do it automatically)

Edit the template :

Edit the necessary text, then put the picture of the celebrant behind the background and match it as you think is best.

The picture must be in portrait mode to fit perfectly in the groom's frame. You can use any type of picture, but it's your problem how you frame it.

Font used:

The font used in this template is called Black Party and must be downloaded and installed in the System / Fonts of your machine. Download the font, extract it from the zip archive, then right-click on the font file and select "Install".

Important: DO NOT FORGET TO INSTALL THE FONT IN THE SYSTEM, because the simple import of the templates offered by me will be displayed with a default font from Windows, Arial or anyone else will choose the random program!

Download template here


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