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Free photo booth template - kids birthday

 I'm back today with a new free photo booth template, a free photo booth template for kids birthday, designed for a baby's birthday, with characters from the cartoon Heroes in pajamas.

Free photo booth template - kids birthday

This free birthday photo booth template is simple to use, edited and used. It is created exclusively in the template manager in the Dslrbooth program, all you have to do is import it into the template manager, then change the picture of the little one and the name.

Import Free photo-booth template for kid Birthday:

Importing this template into the program is as simple as in the previous articles. All you have to do is open the Dslrbooth program, go to the templates section, where you will find an IMPORT button.

Click Import, then scroll to the location where you saved the downloaded ZIP file from this page.

Wait for the template to appear in the program and start editing.


Free photo booth template - kids birthday

Delete the existing picture of the little one from this demo template, then it's time to prepare the new picture for import. It must be in portrait format, not landscape.

I recommend with a photo editing program to reduce the picture, do not insert it in the template to its maximum size, because it will be somewhere at 4Mb and will make it difficult for the camera to operate.

Then choose from the template manager a colored border for the photo border using the Stroke option in the template editor.

Then change the name and contact details at the bottom of the template.

Download template here


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