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Free photo booth template for Wedding clean

 Free Dsrlbooth template for Wedding clean

Today we will discuss a new Free Dsrlbooth template for Wedding , a free photobooth template for wedding.

Free photo booth template for Wedding clean

From what I've noticed, my visitors have already started looking for wedding photobooth templates, so I set to work and created this Free Dsrlbooth template for wedding.

This is a simple template, without the picture of the Bride&groom, ideal for the moment when an unexpected event enters you and you have nothing ready at hand.

Import templates into Dslrbooth:

Open the DSLRBOOTH application and enter the template manager section, where you will find two buttons (import / export) at the top of the menu.

Download the ZIP file from this page, somewhere on the Desktop, or in the Download folder (so you know where to find it later).

Click the Import template button, then browse for the ZIP file you already saved from this article.

Import the file, then start editing the template.

Free photo booth template for Wedding clean

Edit free photobooth template for wedding day :

After importing the template into Dsrlbooth, the text is edited. The current version text is just an example, so you'll need to edit it as needed.

Fonts used:

For this template I used a special font for Wedding. The font is called Karine Aime Les Chocolats

This font needs to be downloaded and installed on your Photobooth machine so that you can use it whenever you need it. So make sure it is installed on the machine before importing the template into Dsrlbooth.

Download free wedding template here


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