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Free Photo Booth template Christmas blue (psd)

 Free Photo Booth template Christmas blue (psd)

Another Free Dsrlbooth template for your dear photobooth owners is uploaded online today, I hope you like it as much as the others. This Christmas photobooth template is this time in blue, very brightly colored and with lots of editing options in the PSD file, also provided with the dsrlbooth template ready edited and ready for your event.

Free Photo Booth template Christmas blue (psd)

What is so special about this Free Photo Booth template Christmas blue:

Well, in order to make this photobooth template for Christmas as attractive as possible, we have included a series of options in the PSD file so that we can edit it according to everyone's requirements. So you can choose in the source file (psd), personalization of the writing on the left (Merry Christmas, or Christmas Party 2018).

How to customize writing:

 We have two folders (groups of layers) in the PSd file, one called text based and one called logo based.If we hide the Text-based version we will be able to use the other one with decorations, in that group there are 3 different layers, you can choose the one you find more interesting, so there is one already written with "Merry Christmas", another version of it without writing , where you can write over the wooden board you want, and the third is a text holder with blue pine branches, with a white background, over which you can add your text, depending on your preferences.

Free Photo Booth template Christmas blue (psd)

Importing the template into Dsrlbooth:

Open DsrlBooth, go to the "Template" section and press the IMPORT button, then select the ZIP file you saved from this article and import it into the program (no extracting files from ZIP, the program will do it automatically).

Attention: the psd file is exported in PNG format and imported into dsrlbooth as an image, over the Pose1,2,3,4 layer.

Free Photo Booth template Christmas blue (psd)

Fonts used

For this template you need to install the Merry Christmas Star font, so that the writing is exactly as in the model above.

Installing this font before importing it into the template manager will cause the program to automatically use a default system font (Arial) and will no longer look like the image above.

Download PSD file      Download template file


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