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2 free wedding photo booth templates

 In this article, I will try to recover a little from my lack of online environment, today I will post two templates for fotobooth, with a theme for the wedding.

2 free wedding photo booth templates

The first one is on a white background, and the second one is on a red-black background, I hope you both like it.

Installing these wedding templates for dsrlbooth is relatively simple, as well as those presented so far in previous articles.

2 free wedding photo booth templates

Importing these wedding templates for dsrlbooth in Dsrlbooth:

Open DsrlBooth, go to the "Template" section and press the IMPORT button, then select the ZIP file that you saved from this article and import it into the program (the files are not extracted from the ZIP, the program will do it automatically)

Edit Template:

Editing this free dsrlbooth template is simple, as I explained in other articles about these products, importing templates using template manager, then changing the holiday picture, either by deleting the current picture or by replacing it.

The picture of the holidays must be drawn under the background layer, in order to hide perfectly under the background and to be able to fit in the transparent space of the photo frame.

Fonts used

For this template you need to install the English Script font, so that the writing is exactly as in the template above.

Installing this font before importing it into the template manager will cause the program to automatically use a default system font (Arial) and will no longer look like the image above.

Of course, if you have fonts that you like more installed on the photo booth machine you can use them without any problems, you just have to set them, I try to focus on the fonts that are installed on the machine for which I create these template.

Download template red   |  Download template white


Download Free Photo Booth Templates